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Rated X Moto Riding Gear

Motocross Gear and Dirt Bike Apparel

        When you suit up you should not only feel comfortable but look good too. Our Motocross Jerseys, Shirts, Hats, Face Masks and other products we carry are all designed in house with an open mind appealing to all different types of Riders. We believe that a lot of the Art behind the Mainstream Motorcycle and Motocross industry is being forgotten and lost. Most of the designs today come off as plain simple patterns and designs that mostly look similar. We take our time during the design process to make sure our products are not only tailored to fit riders comfortable but look like nothing else on the market. All our apparel is “Designed by Riders, For Riders.” You can really see this in our newly released Motocross Jersey line up.

          Riding on road or off road is not only something we do for fun it is a LIFE STYLE. The most amazing feeling in the world that all riders can agree on is when you swing your leg over that seat and get a grasping grip onto those handlebars, turn that key and hear that engine fire up! Your skin gets goosebumps making all your hair on your arms stand up as you feel the adrenaline pump vigorously through your veins! That feeling is amazing and Rated X Moto (RXM), wants you to feel that way whether you ride a dirt bike or on a street bike, on track racing, or off road. Even if you ride Motocross freestyle, stunt bike, cruiser, dirt bikes, café racers, ATV, ANY and ALL riding styles. We want you to look good, feel comfortable and of course to be dressed in style and we reflect that in all our riding gear.

        We have a lot of things coming and on your next adventure “Join the Revolution" Sweeping the Motocross and Motorcycle industry. The next time you get on your street bike, dirt bike, ATV or cruiser just remember that we have the right riding gear for all riders. Express yourself and be different, Join Team RXM and Ride in style! Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe below for the latest deals and offers!

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