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          Rated X Moto Inc. is a revolutionary family owned and operated motocross gear company which was built “by Riders for Riders!” Being riders, puts us on the front line with the knowledge and experience of what dirt bike, ATV, BMX and off-road racers need to help give them an edge.

          RXM in based out of Long Island, New York and was fully established as a company in 2017, even though our roots go further back.  We are fully dedicated to all riding communities including motocross, supercross, off-road, dirt bike and BMX. Furthermore our goal is making and designing products that are safe, comfortable yet function well and exceed your expectations.

         Want to make a statement? Our style is unique and different! That is what people loved about us! Riders want that loud, in your face Motocross gear design to make them stand out and be noticed. Let's face it you can't be on the track looking like every other rider then you'll just blend into the crowd. Moto riders need to make a statement when on or off the track and what better way to do that while looking awesome in our gear. Our passion and love for extreme motorsports keeps us on our toes to develop new products with rider safety, comfort, and style in mind. Each product that we design goes through numerous quality control tests both on and off the field before ever coming to market, so you can rest ashore your getting a great product that has been tested “by Riders for Riders!”

-Team RXM




            As we continue to grow, we focus on how we can help riders develop in all levels from weekend riders to pro athlete level. Sponsorship will soon be available for those who want to take their racing to that next level. We offer different levels of sponsorship from new riders to veterans. Show us your style on your local proving grounds and we will offer you based on what we see. Our slogan says “We put the X in extreme motorsports”  and what we mean by that is our “X” is a symbol of the Revolution in modern day motocross and we are here to make a statement and cross out the competition.    

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